Before using the app, ensure you are enrolled as a current BSV NetTeller user, as the app uses the same username and password to authenticate your identity upon initial signup.

If you are not a current BSV NetTeller user, please go here and enroll in NetTeller or call us to learn how to get started.

After you have successfully downloaded the app from iTunes you may begin initial setup. Launch the app, which will prompt the Welcome Screen, and select the Get Started button.

Next, read through the End User Agreement and touch the Agree button at the bottom of the screen to acknowledge that you have read the terms by touching Accept when prompted.

The End User Agreement details how the app is interacting with your banking data and how your personal information is protected. You must agree to the terms in order to use the app. This agreement is also available in the app by navigating to the Settings > End User Agreement.

On the Account Setup screen, enter your username and password that you use for NetTeller at our institution.

After correctly entering your username and password, you will be prompted to enter the email address you would like to associate with your accounts.

Next, your security challenge questions will be presented. These are the challenge questions used to authenticate your identity in NetTeller.

After providing the correct answers; touch Create Passcode which provides an additional level of security to ensure others cannot use or launch your app and see your personal banking details. Since the app can be used to move money and pay bills, never share your passcode with anyone.

Enter your chosen passcode. Re-enter the passcode to confirm. Remember this passcode as you will need to enter it each time you launch the app.