Desktop Business Deposit is a service that allows your business to Skip the Trip! Using the desktop scanner, scan checks and transmit them to BSV using your internet connection. It takes minutes to scan, batch and transmit checks to BSV for deposit. Once scanned and captured, the checks cannot be lost. RDC will save your business valuable time and resources by eliminating trips to the bank.


  • There is a low monthly fee and no up-front scanner purchase required to start using the service.
  • Checks can be scanned at your business and the images and dollar amounts are transmitted to BSV for processing.
  • If the deposit batch is received and processed by 3 o’clock PM you will receive same day credit.
  • Your business can have multiple locations depositing to a single account or to multiple accounts.
  • No software is required, everything is done on a secure website.
  • Images are retained for 120 days and can be viewed on the secure website. After 120 days images can be retrieved from the archive.
  • Reports are available on the secure website.