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Your Debit Card Has A New Design And New Security

The Bank of Southside Virginia Debit Cards have a new look and now feature chip Technology.

You will enjoy global acceptance plus an enhanced level of security. The embedded chip generates unique data for each transaction; this makes it difficult for fraudsters to duplicate your account information. This reduces the risk of fraudulent charges on your account. As always, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases on your BSV Debit Card.

Please be sure to activate your new chip card before your existing card is deactivated. A special microchip is embedded in your new card, which adds another layer of security when used at a chip-enabled terminal.

What do you need to do?

  • Activate your new card by making an ATM transaction or making a purchase with your PIN.  You can also activate your card on the BSV Mobile App under the Manage Cards tab.
  • Destroy your old card.
  • Update account information for any automatic or recurring bills with your new card’s expiration date and security code (the three digits on the back).
  • Your old card will be deactivated to protect the security of your account.

If you have received your new chip card, the first thing you will need to do is activate your chip card. Activating your chip card cancels your old card. If you do not activate your new card,  your old Cash Plus card will automatically be canceled soon, so it’s best to activate your chip card as soon as possible.

Note: With the new chip card technology, some merchants are only allowing debit transactions which require you to know your PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN or would like a new one, please call 800-619-5211 for a PIN reset.

Instructions for using an EMV Chip Card

For chip-enabled terminals, simply insert the chip end of your card into the terminal where you shop. Follow the prompts on the screen while your card remains in the terminal. When your transaction is complete, remove your card. It’s that simple!

You can still use the magnetic stripe on your new Debit Card at any merchant or ATM that does not yet have chip-enabled terminals.

Don’t have a BSV Debit Card? Visit your local branch to get yours today!

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