Business Savings Accounts

Business Money Market Savings

If you have a higher balance or hold a large amount of working capital, you can leverage your money in a Money Market account. This earns you higher rates of interest so you have even more cash to put into your business.Every BSV business account offers:
  • 24/7 online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit
  • Access to a wide variety of digital solutions
  • Designated local business banker for personal assistance
  • Go green with paperless statements
  • Access to all BSV financial solutions
  • Night depository available at all branches for security of deposits
Smart business decisions:
  • This account allows you to maximize your interest income
  • Use the money market account to hold the majority of working capital and transfer money to your business checking when needed
Earning interest:
  • Tiered rate of interest so the higher the balance the higher the rate of interest; account earns more interest when balance grows
No fees:
  • Monthly maintenance fee waived with a minimum balance of $2,500

Certificates of Deposit

A great way to boost savings is with a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Leverage your savings in an account that uses a higher rate of return in a manageable time frame.
Access and Notices:
  • 24/7 access with online and mobile banking
  • Go green with paperless notices
Earning interest:
  • Higher yielding investment opportunity
  • Low minimum balance needed to open an account
  • CDs typically pay higher interest rates than other deposit products
  • Interest rate is set at opening so customers can calculate how much they will earn when the CD matures
  • CDs offer flexible terms of 6-60 months
  • Automatic renewal
Smart investment:
  • Guarantees the repayment of principal at the end of the term
  • Various terms to select from
  • Follow the account online or on mobile app