Invoicing is Easier with Autobooks


Helping our customers with easy-to-use online tools is just one way BSV supports you. That’s why we’re
excited to partner with Autobooks, an online system to create, send and track invoices in minutes

Online Solution

Autobooks is a smart online solution for people, businesses and organizations that need to invoice
customers whether it’s a one-time bill or an ongoing payment, but don’t use a credit card terminal or
third-party supplier. Examples of customers who can benefit from Autobooks include:
   Plumbers, bakers and lawn mowing services
   Tutors and music teachers
   Dog walkers and house-sitters
   Churches or other religious organizations
   Community sports organizations
   Non-profit groups


Autobooks is an electronic system that allows anyone to generate and send invoices via email, set-up
online payments and track when payments have been received. This easy-to-use tool allows you to brand your invoice, set reminders and track who has paid. You can also access more detailed reports, such as Balance Sheets or General Ledgers.


With Autobooks, you can link directly to BSV to receive payments deposited right into your business
checking account(s). With a couple of clicks, your customers can pay with their debit card, credit card or
electronic bank transfer. You can even get paid faster with multiple payment options

Try a Demonstration

You can learn more with a live demonstration from Autobooks. It’s the best way to understand how BSV
and the Autobooks process can make invoicing and accounting easier.


If you’re already a BSV customer and bank online, you will notice the “Accept Online Payments” box on
your account. To get started, simply click on either the “Send An Invoice” or “Accept Payments Now” icon.
Follow the prompts and you’ll be on your way. If you’re not a BSV customer or banking online, you’ll need to open an account first.