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At BSV, we know that banking has changed and that your finances will evolve. One day you might be depositing a check with your smart phone and the next you could be talking to a BSV banker about a new mortgage. So, we’ve collected useful tips, hints and educational information that can help you manage your money and meet your financial goals.
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CAUTION:Common Scams Ahead
Disguised as a trusted entity (like a bank or credit card company), this thief works to get sensitive information such as your SSN.
Fund Transfers
This scam involves someone giving you a bad check to deposit and then asking you to transfer a portion of that money into another account.
Government Checks
Don't fall for a call that offers to deposit any stimulus or government quicker for you. Protect your personal and bank information.
FDIC & Banking Scams
Remember that banks will never call you asking for personal information. If that happens, hand up and call your bank to report the scam.
Testing & Treatment Offers
Beware of people calling or emailing about offers for medical tests and asking for personal or confidential information.
Safe Banking Practices
5 Tips to Protect Your Money
Watch for scams
Financial scams are common. When in doubt, call your bank.
Check your payment options
Use other payment types instead of cash to safeguard your finances.
Send Money Electronically
Transfer money easily with a variety of apps and through online banking.
Don't Carry Large Amounts of Cash
Keeping a lot of money in your wallet, purse, or at home could invite theft.
Depend on BSV
The U.S. Treasury has determined that banks are essential service providers. BSV is here to help you with any banking needs.
Bank from theComfort of Home
BSV has easy-to-access online and mobile checking at your convenience.
Access All of Your Accounts
Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to:
  • Check your balance
  • Deposit checks
  • Make a car, mortgage or bill payment
  • Manage your debit card
  • Transfer funds
  • And more
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